[Settfa] Tuesday 02/04, Aljosa Peperko

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 Tuesday 2nd April, 10:00am 

 Speaker:Aljosa Peperko, University of Ljubljana


 Relatively recently, Marcus et.al. studiedcertain combinatorial polynomial convolutions. These convolutions preserve realrootednessand capture expectations of characteristic polynomials of unitarily invariant random matrices. Their initial motivation came from the study of interlacing polynomials, which led to the solution of the Kadison-Singer problem.
We study the analogues of these polynomial convolutions in max-plus algebra. In this setting our results resemble those of Marcus et.al. in terms of the formulas for the convolution polynomials,but not surprisingly the formulas as well as the computations are simpler in the max-plus setting. This is joint work with Amnon Rosenmann and Franz Lehner from TU Graz.

 For more information see the seminar web page at 
 https://calendar.math.cas.cz/set-theory-and-analysis-actual .

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