[Settfa] Tuesday 15/11, Wieslaw Kubis

kubis at math.cas.cz kubis at math.cas.cz
Mon Nov 14 10:00:02 CET 2016


 Tuesday 15th November, 10:00am 

 Speaker:Wieslaw Kubis, IM CAS
 Title: The weak amalgamation property

I will define and discuss the concept of a weak amalgamation, introduced by Ivanov in 1999, used for constructing generic automorphisms. It turns out that a class of structures having the weak amalgamation property (and satisfying some other natural conditions) admits a bigger ``generic" structure which can be characterized by the existence of a winning strategy in a natural infinite game.

 For more information see the seminar web page at 
 https://calendar.math.cas.cz/set-theory-and-analysis-actual .

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