[Proof Complexity] Proof Complexity Workshop and Summer School

Emil Jerabek jerabek at math.cas.cz
Tue Apr 18 11:13:49 CEST 2023

Dear colleagues,

Please find below a school announcement and call for papers for a related workshop. 
The topics covered might be interesting for PhD students in theoretical computer science, complexity and logic. 

I would be grateful for any help in spreading information about this event.

Best regards,
Ilario Bonacina


The Proof Society Workshop on Proof Theory and its Applications
13-14 July, 2023 Downtown Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain  


The workshop is aimed at PhDs and other professionals alike. 

We call for contributed papers to be presented during the workshop either in a short talk of about 20 minutes or through a poster presentation.  

Submission deadline: May 15; 
Author notification: May 29. 

Submissions consist of an extended abstract of at most four pages total (including references, acknowledgements, and any possible appendices). Accepted abstracts will be distributed during the event and may be posted, but will not be formally published, so we welcome work published elsewhere. Shortly we shall send out instructions on the format and method of submission. 

Topics presented include. but are not limited to
   Ordinal analysis
   Applied proof theory and proof assistants
   Cut elimination
   Proof systems
   Philosophy of proof theory
   Proof theory and the foundations of mathematics
   Proof Complexity
   Reverse mathematics
   SAT solvers
   Automated theorem proving
   Types and proofs

    Albert Atserias
    Ilario Bonacina
    David Fernández Duque (Chair)
    Damiano Fornasiere
    Petia Guintchev
    Joost J. Joosten (Chair) 
    Miguel Martins
    Tommaso Moraschini
    Sofia Santiago

   Bahareh Afshari
   Albert Atserias
   Matthias Baaz 
   Arnold Beckmann 
   Lev D. Beklemishev
   Ilario Bonacina
   David Fernández Duque (Chair)
   Balthasar Grabmayr 
   Rosalie Iemhoff 
   Joost Joosten (Chair)
   Antonina Kolokolova
   Cosimo Perini Brogi
   Norbert Preining 
   Sofia Santiago
   Andreas Weiermann


The Proof Society Workshop on Proof Theory and its Applications is affiliated with the The Proof Society Summer School which will be held just before the workshop from 10-12 July, 2023 Downtown Barcelona 


2023 Summer School and Workshop on Proof Theory and its Applications | Barcelona Group on Pure and Applied Proof Theory

The event will be organised under the auspicies of The Proof Society whose mission statement is
   - To support the research on the notion of “proof” in its broadest sense, through a series of suitable activities;
   - To be therefore inclusive in reaching out to all scientific areas which consider “proof” as an object in their studies;
   - To enable the community to shape its future by identifying, formulating and communicating its most important goals;
   - To actively promote “proof” to increase its visibility and representation in the larger scientific community and society.

This year will be the lustrum edition and the four previous editions are listed below. 

For inquiries, please write 
David Fernández-Duque <fernandez-duque at ub.edu <mailto:fernandez-duque at ub.edu>> 
Joost J. Joosten <jjoosten at ub.edu <mailto:jjoosten at ub.edu>> 
or any other member of the Organising Committee.

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