[Proof Complexity] Preprint

Emil Jerabek jerabek at math.cas.cz
Fri Sep 2 19:57:50 CEST 2022

Dear colleagues,

A new preprint, "Models of VTC^0 as exponential integer parts" is
available on my web page https://math.cas.cz/~jerabek/ .

We prove that (additive) ordered group reducts of nonstandard models
of the bounded arithmetical theory VTC^0 are recursively saturated in
a rich language with predicates expressing the integers, rationals,
and logarithmically bounded numbers. Combined with our previous
results on the construction of the real exponential function on
completions of models of VTC^0, we show that every countable model of
VTC^0 is an exponential integer part of a real-closed exponential

Comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome.

Best regards,
Emil Jerabek

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