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Tue Feb 4 13:56:49 CET 2020

(please note that proof complexity, complexity in general, algorithms, etc,
can be also a possible topic, and 2021 is not the last year)

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Call for proposals of two thematic programs 2021

Leonhard Euler International Mathematical Institute (EIMI) in Saint
Petersburg opens a call for programs 2021. We expect to host two such
programs during the calendar year 2021. The selection criteria for
accepting a proposal are its scientific strength and the degree to which
the program would benefit mathematical research and post-graduate training
in the Russian Federation.
The proposals (at most 4 pages) should include:

   - a general description of the research area of the program,
   - a description of the scientific impact of the program for this
   research area,
   - a description of specific research problems that will be central to
   the program,
   - a list of suggested participants with expected stay duration, most of
   whom should have indicated their interest in coming to the program for a
   substantial period of time,
   - approximate numbers of other participants who cannot be named at this
   moment (for example, participants of the student school, etc.),
   - 2 - 4 members of the organizing committee (at least one member from
   the local mathematical community and at least one from outside St
   - a short CV of each member of the organizing committee.

Recommendations and requirements:

   - A program should be between 3 and 6 months long, preferably avoiding
   an extensive use of summer periods,
   - It should have at least one student school, at least one 5 days
   conference, at least one seminar on a weekly basis and at least two
   mini-courses for advanced students,
   - The presence of external organizers (at least one at any moment)
   should be ensured throughout the program; details should be indicated.
   - At least 1/3 of the program participants should be at a postdoc level
   or younger.

During the program, EIMI provides:

   - All necessary facilities at EIMI,
   - The Institute fully covers the long-term stay of senior researchers
   and postdocs by paying salaries,
   - Travel expenses of short terms visitors and participants of
   conferences will also be covered either partially or fully,

*Deadline:* Proposals should be sent to programs at eimi.imi.ras.ru by May 15,

Decisions will be made by the board before the end of May 2020.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the institute at their earliest
convenience to indicate their interest in applying (ideally including the
tentative program name). Possible questions should be addressed to the same
address above.

This announcement is also posted at eimi.ru

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