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Emil Jerabek jerabek at math.cas.cz
Wed May 28 21:16:26 CEST 2014

Dear colleagues,

I've uploaded an updated version of the paper, with an extension of
the main result to \Sigma^b_0 formulas in Buss's language.

Best regards,
Emil Jerabek

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 06:55:51PM +0200, Emil Jerabek wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> A new preprint, "Open induction in a bounded arithmetic for TC^0", is
> available on my web page (http://math.cas.cz/~jerabek). Comments,
> corrections and suggestions are welcome.
> Abstract:
> The elementary arithmetic operations +,\cdot,\le on integers are
> well-known to be computable in the weak complexity class TC^0, and it
> is a basic question what properties of these operations can be proved
> using only TC^0-computable objects, i.e., in a theory of bounded
> arithmetic corresponding to TC^0. We will show that induction for
> quantifier-free formulas in the language \langle +,\cdot,\le \rangle
> (IOpen) is provable in the theory VTC^0 extended with an axiom
> postulating the totality of iterated multiplication (which is
> computable in TC^0).
> Best regards,
> Emil Jerabek
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