[Proof Complexity] Video from proof complexity workshop at Banff next week

Jakob Nordstrom jakobn at kth.se
Fri Jan 17 07:32:42 CET 2014

Dear colleagues,

In case this can be of interest, this is just to let you know that the
workshop "Theoretical Foundations of Applied SAT Solving" next week in
Banff, dedicated to research at the intersection of proof complexity and
applied SAT solving, will have all talks streamed live at
http://www.birs.ca/live . The talks should also be available later at
http://www.birs.ca/videos/2014 . The schedule for the talks will be at
http://www.birs.ca/live/schedule (or can be calculated from the workshop
schedule at http://www.birs.ca/workshops/2014/14w5101/Programme14w5101.pdf
with the appropriate time shift --- for Europeans, Banff is 8 hours behind

Among other things, there will be several tutorial- and survey-style talks
on proof complexity for SAT experts and on SAT solving for proof
complexity theorists that could hopefully be interesting.

With best regards,
Jakob Nordstrom

Jakob Nordström, Assistant Professor
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Osquars backe 2, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 790 69 19 (office), +46 70 742 21 98 (cell)

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