[Proof Complexity] CFP Post-proceedings TYPES 2013 Types for Proofs and Programs (open call)

Aleksy Schubert alx at mimuw.edu.pl
Thu Jun 13 01:45:26 CEST 2013

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Call for papers: Types for Proofs and Programs,
   post-proceedings of TYPES 2013 (open call)

TYPES is a major forum for the presentation of research on all aspects
of type theory and its applications. The post-proceedings of TYPES
2013, which was held in Toulouse, are open to everyone, also those who
did not participate in the conference. We would like to invite all
researchers that study type systems to share their results concerning
type-based theorem proving environments or type-based formal modelling, in
particular we welcome submissions on any topic in the following list:

  - Foundations of type theory and constructive mathematics.
  - Applications of type theory.
  - Dependently-typed programming.
  - Industrial uses of type theory technology.
  - Meta-theoretic studies of type systems.
  - Proof-assistants and proof technology.
  - Formalisation of proofs in type theory.
  - Extraction of implementations from proofs.
  - Automation in computer-assisted reasoning.
  - Links between type theory and functional programming.
  - Links between type theory and object-oriented programming.
  - Type theory in linguistics.

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline:  2013-09-09
Paper submission deadline:     2013-09-16
Notification of acceptance:    2014-02-17


* Papers must be submitted in PDF format using EasyChair:

* Authors have the option to include an attachment (.zip or .tgz)
   containing mechanised proofs, but reviewers are not obliged to take
   these attachments into account. Attachments will not be published
   together with the papers.

* The post-proceedings will be published in LIPIcs (Leibniz
   International Proceedings in Informatics,
   http://www.dagstuhl.de/en/publications/lipics), an open-access series
   of conference proceedings.

* Authors of accepted papers retain copyright, but are expected to sign
   an author agreement with Schloss Dagstuhl—Leibniz-Zentrum für
   Informatik, see

* For information about how to prepare submissions, see
   In general, please refer to the dedicated web site
   for more detailed/specific information.

* We recommend to keep the length of the contributions in the range of
   15-25 pages, and 25 pages is the upper limit for the submissions.

* In case of questions, please contact one of the editors.


Ralph Matthes           IRIT (CNRS and University of Toulouse), France
Aleksy Schubert         University of Warsaw, Poland

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